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CBD Ads Agency

Your advertising partner to get Ads Approval for Cannabis, Marijuana, Kratom, Mushroom, Hemp, Weight Loss or Pills related business websites on major platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, ClickBank etc. We use cloaking method to bypass ad review system by showing them a safe page while all normal ads traffic, your restricted URL.

Steps For Ad Approval with Ads Cloaking...

Offered Services

- Consultancy Call
- Cloaking Setup
- Free Ad Accounts
- Manage Ads & Scale

Ad Platforms

- Facebook & Instagram
- Google & Youtube Ads
- TikTok & Snapchat Ads
- Bing, Pinterest, YouTube

Scaling Sales

We not only keep your ads alive all the time but also focus on scaling conversions and sales.

Ads of Some Recent Clients with Ads Cloaking

We have history of running successful grey niche ads for thousands of clients, so we know winner ads, niches and conversion flow already. In this market, not many businesses know about ads cloaking method to get their ads approved. So, take first mover advantage by hiring us  with our proven cloaker. Whether you are promoting CBD Ads, Mushroom Ads, Pill or Medicine Ads, Men Health Pills, Hemp or Kratom Ads, Weight Loss Pills or Supplement Ads, we can get the ads approved and keep them alive 24/7 on any social media platform or search engines.


We ensure your original website and digital presence has no banning or disapproval effects.


Our plants niche expertise allows us to drive profitability mostly in first month of running ads.

Our Packages

Consultation Call

$ 99
  • Requirements Clarification
  • Cloaking Explanation
  • Develop Marketing Strategy
  • Showing Live Demo & Clients

Cloaking Setup

$ 999 Monthly
  • Cloaking Configuration
  • Safe Page on New URL & Hosting
  • Traffic Filters Based on Geo Area, Browsers, Digital Behaviours etc.
  • Configuring Offer Page Rules
  • Monthly Reporting of Blocked IPs
  • We Recommend to get Ads Management Service Along this Setup

Ads Management

$ 1,799 Monthly
  • Free Ad Accounts
  • Creating, Managing & Scaling Ads
  • Keeping Ads Alive All Times
  • Warming Up Backup Ad Accounts
  • Testing Ads & Finding Winners
  • Track Pixels & Scale Conversions
  • Ad Accounts Access

How It Works?

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